What is Intelligence Fusion?

Thinking differently how information is shared globally

  • Intelligence Fusion is a secure platform, allowing subscribers to access a global network of vetted professionals, in order to share political, regulatory, social and cultural information. The platform allows subscribers to plug into networks in order to cultivate new information sources, creating an avenue for effective knowledge to be cascaded and disseminated in a timely and effective manner.
  • Crowdsourcing intelligence is a highly effective problem solving model, which when coupled with professional intelligence support, provides a cost effective, high quality solution to the problem of establishing and maintaining a common intelligence picture.
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Incidents collected since September 2015
Incidents collected globally per month and increasing
Intelligence Fusion team members and increasing
Our team is made up of 17 different nationalities

Who is using Intelligence Fusion?

Our users represent different industries and nationalities, but have one thing in common, the requirement to establish and maintain a common intelligence picture. The following charts shows which sectors are currently using intelligence fusion and in what proportion.


Private Security and Intelligence 60%
Oil and Gas 15%
Academics 15%
Non-governmental Organisations 5%
Telecommunications 3%
Government 2%


  • Connect and access a global network of vetted professionals.
  • Save time and effort by connecting similar networks on one platform and crowdsourcing intelligence.
  • Improve the robustness of assessments by tapping into the wisdom of the crowd.
  • Real time alerts from on the ground sources, not algorithms or analysts based in London.
  • Extensive records for reference. Our platform maintains an extensive record of documents, sources, social media feeds, audio, imagery and video.
  • Optional privacy. Create secure private groups and connect with other stakeholders.
  • Access a network of requirements, tenders, jobs, needs and wants.
  • Enable operations through enhanced close collaboration with global professionals.
  • Highly experienced support from Intelligence Fusion analysts and security consultants.
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Power in usability and simplicity

Simply put, our goal is to create the most comprehensive situational awareness platform globally.

Our mission at Intelligence Fusion, is to improve the quality of intelligence on the market, by organising and connecting diverse networks of people from across the globe, on one platform. By utilising the wisdom and ground knowledge of our subscribers, coupled with our own intelligence and security professionals, we can provide an affordable, yet highly effective problem solving tool. With this enhanced intelligence picture and a large network of vetted professionals, we want to help subscribers more effectively manage risk and enable operations. At the heart of our business is a vision of constant innovation to meet the rapidly changing needs of the market.
Do an interesting job that makes a difference! We think what we are doing is really exciting, if you do too, then maybe you would like to come work with us? Although Intelligence Fusion is an emerging company, we envisage rapid growth, and as such are looking for talented and innovative persons to join our team. Anyone who wants to come and work with us, should come with an idea of how we can improve our business and the mind-set of hard work, professional development and a sense of humour. If you are interested, please send your CV to us at info@intelligencefusion.co.uk.